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File:Alvarez.pngFile:Cait Shelter Infobox.pngFile:Cat Viper Anime Portriat v4.png
File:Cat Viper Full Body.pngFile:Demons Anime Infobox.pngFile:Dogstorm Anime Portrait v7.png
File:Dogstorm Full Body-bigger.pngFile:Elder Star 1 Portrait v3.pngFile:Elder Star 1 Portrait v4.png
File:Elder Star 2 Portrait v4.pngFile:Elder Star 3 Portrait v4.pngFile:Elder Star 4 Portrait v4.png
File:Elder Star 5 Portrait v4.pngFile:Example.jpgFile:Fairy one piece tail ver 2 remake by negator7.png
File:Five Elder Stars Anime Infobox.pngFile:Giants Anime Infobox.pngFile:Humans Anime Infobox.png
File:Igneel - fairy-one-piece-tail-79.9.pngFile:King of Lvneel Portrait v1.pngFile:Mages Infobox.png
File:Minks Anime Infobox.pngFile:Natsu's Father Manga Infobox.pngFile:Natsu's Father Manga Portrait.png
File:Natsu's Mother Manga Infobox.pngFile:Natsu's Mother Manga Portrait.pngFile:Navy's Flag.png
File:Nebra Nefeltari Anime Pre Timeskip Infobox.pngFile:No Picture Available.pngFile:Noland Mombran Anime Full Body.png
File:Noland mombran - fairy-one-piece-tail-6.41.pngFile:Oars - fairy-one-piece-tail-16.9.pngFile:Oars Anime Full Body.png
File:Roubaul - fairy-one-piece-tail-3.06.pngFile:Roubaul Cait Sheler Master.pngFile:Villains hqdefault.png
File:Wiki.pngFile:World Anime Infobox v2.pngFile:World Government's Flag.png
File:World Nobles' Mark.pngFile:Zeref Dragneel Portrait.pngFile:Zeref appears at Tartaros' HQ.png

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